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About Cultured

Cultured originated from a small, independent group of designers, all sharing the desire to champion original British classics. Our designs have the understated beauty that is forever at the forefront of modern fashion.

As with London itself, our culture is born from the passions of our people. Our shared belief is Cultured should stand as a triumph to ingenuity and creativity, with every individual committed to making life beautiful.

True Craftsmanship

Cultured London is a mosaic; look closely and each piece is distinct, defined and exquisitely created with flawless intent. Take a step back and the scene revealed is instantly recognisable as one of quality and true craftsmanship. Our range builds on these foundations, with each feature astutely justified and every seam thoroughly assessed.

We create because we seek the beauty found in the pursuit of perfection, and this passion is lovingly crafted into every design.

Cultured London - Making Life Beautiful

Cultured London is a trading name of Pure Luxuries London Limited. Pure Luxuries London Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with the registration number 07100423. UK VAT Registration Number: 983318103